Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath The Untold Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen…..

The dark side of pregnancy you haven't seen…..

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)  How My Pregnancy All Most Killed Me And My Baby . My Nine Months Of Hell . This is the dark side of pregnancy you haven’t seen ….. 

Who is Starr , you wonder ?

Starr Andrews Strong HGactivist is one of the most influential inspirational HG moms and activist out there .  In the social media world , Starr is the go to person if you need help to prep for pregnancy , TTC , an a HG care plan . Starr also has a Facebook group under her organization name Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath.

Starr has helped thousands of mothers , families and known to many in the HG world as the HG Fairy god mother . Sister Starr , Mama Starr , HG momma bear .  Starr will advocate and defend you and your illness every way she can .

It’s amazing to have interviewed her as this is her niche.

If you are an HG mom, that your friends and family don’t believe your sick . Please reach out and Starr will educate them .

– Dominic Tready

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Interview with Starr Andrews Strong

This is a short story of her nine months of hell . Starr’s full story will be in her book about her Hyperemesis Gravidarum pregnancy. Starr’s story , other moms stories , details FAQ and more .

(HGBDATA ) Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath is a volunteer base organization.that Starr started in 2011  What is HGBDATA is a worldwide awareness organization dedicated to advocacy , give support to moms all over the world : We raise awareness daily .

        In all 3 aspects of HG.

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Follow me on Social media for the latest updates for HG before during and the aftermath. Keep up with the latest in the Hyperemesis Gravidarum world.  Launch of my YouTube channel and more .

This rare moment was a photo my step daughter took of me . You can see by my face and eyes I was so sick ,lost, I was scared she would find me dead on the floor. She had already found me on the floor 6 times when I blacked out . She had just turned 8yrs old 

Life before Hyperemesis Gravidarum . In this picture I was in Las Vegas at the stratosphere . This was a ride that shoots up then drops down . ” I was such a thrill seeker back then . I loved life , I went zip lining on this trip it was a blast minis breaking a tooth . 

This photo was taken in the summer of 2007. I went to Las Vegas often ….
I really enjoy all the road trips with my best friend JB. He showed me life in a way I never saw , he showed me I was beautiful and to live , laugh , love . 

I was married very young to an alcoholic and a abuser that belittle me and I was so broken . JB pick me up , and showed me who I was and I was worth more then my ex brainwash me .

I had such a distorted image of myself . I was 115 pounds and thought I looked 500 pounds.

I was in beauty pageants since I was young and modeled and did catalog work . Only time I had a little glimmer of hope.

One of the many photos in Vegas with JB . He pick me up when I was lost , broken and beaten down . He showed me life , and that I was beautiful inside and out . I wouldn’t be who I am today without him .

“Picture Credit: Balboa beach taken by Stephanie

In May of 2010, I met the man I knew I was going to fall in love with and marry. On our first date we realized that we actually knew each other from a car club years before. We hit it off and got close very quickly. Everything just seemed to be going right for us; it truly was love at first sight with Robert and me. Sound so cliché but it was .

Photo Credit: Jerry’s Photos . One of our engagement photos

About a month later, we announced our engagement to everyone. Most were happy for us, some were shocked, and some were pissed off . However, we were happy, as well as our close family, so that’s all that mattered. I can tell you that every obstacle was thrown our way .
We set the wedding date for October 19, 2010 in Las Vegas. We talked about having a child, but I thought it wasn’t in the cards. At 21, I got into a very bad car accident when a drunk driver hit me and turned my world upside down. My back was broken and my legs were crushed. I was paralyzed and in a coma for over 8 months! I had to learn how to walk, talk, speak, read and write all over again.

With a lot of therapy and hard work, I slowly started to recover. I was also was living with Fibromyalgia, a disease that causes widespread pain all over your body with no cure! I also have suffered from CVS ( Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) the two together broke me down hard .

By the time Robert and I started dating, I was no longer using a wheelchair daily unless it was a bad day. Most days I could walk and some days I was stuck in bed, unable to move. Sometimes if I over did it I could be in bed a week , as soon as I could I popped back up and tried to enjoy life .

I had good days and I had bad . When I over did things which was all the time .

Following my accident, I was told I would never have any children. I was on a lot of medications and I had not had a period for eight years. When I was told this, I was in my early twenties and wasn’t ready for kids anyway. Now I was almost 31 years old, and I was so sad for my future because I wanted to settle down and have a family. I knew whatever God had in store for me was what he wanted; if it was his will, I would have children. Robert was okay with me not giving him a child as he had an 8 year old daughter from a previous relationship.
About the time I started dating Robert, my periods had returned, so I figured we could try for a family after our wedding. On July 12th, 2010, I started getting really nauseated after we had sex . I thought I was going to have a bad flare of my CVS and FM.

This type of nausea was different from the nausea I got from my chronic pain. I then started vomiting nonstop, sometimes 50-100+ times in one day. As you read this , I’m sure your thinking 100+ times or more . Really ?


I had bad stomach pain, I couldn’t

function. The force of the vomiting I  popped bloom vessels in my eyes , cheeks , tear of blood would fall down my face and the smell of my blood run down my face in my mouth and the taste was bad and I will never forget .

I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva without vomiting! I never had this saliva problem so it really bother me and nothing work but having my bucket to puke in and paper towels soak it up . I would carry a cup to puke with paper towels or zip lock baggie. I had a towel on my pillows and put Gauze to soak up the saliva .

There were days vomiting would last up to 98+ hours and no medication would stop it ! I was scared I was dying , I was on deaths door even before a positive test .

Finally, Robert  took me to the ER and I was treated for the pain with morphine and didaudid. I told them we were trying to have a baby and that my periods just came back after eight years. They tested me and it came out negative. Even though I knew it most likely would never happen, I was still disappointed. They told me it was food poisoning but Robert didn’t think so.
I was released from the emergency room and went home. The next day, I was sick again with non-stop vomiting. We tried to control it but nothing was helping me. No matter what I ate or drank, it always came back up. My husband went out and bought some home pregnancy tests; I tested negative on each test. I didn’t understand why I was getting so sick every day.
After buying 15 or so tests, my husband went to the 99 cent store and bought another test. This time it came out positive. I had two pink lines for the first time I was in shock.

I took the rest of the tests the next morning just to make sure.
I wrote my OBGYN asking for a blood test and went in to test my HCG level. I looked up the results and it was at 500. She said with my history to not get too excited because I could be losing the baby with how sick I was or I had a molar pregnancy. I wanted to be excited, I wanted this little life from the very start. I told my best friend, Kierra, all about what was going on and she said she knew this baby was going to be born and healthy. Such optimism she always had this and one of the reason she was my best friend.

I wanted to believe her so much, I did I wanted too .
The sickness continued day in and day out and my doctor suggested I see a high-risk doctor. I was discharged after four bags of fluids and shots of intravenous Zofran, Reglan and a GI cocktail. On our way home, my phone rang and it was Kierra’s boyfriend – she had died in a car accident. I started crying so hard I could hardly breathe. I dropped the phone and was screaming to my husband, “Kierra is gone, oh my starr’s she’s gone!” My best friend, who I could count on for anything, was gone. My best friend wasn’t going to be here for me. We made it home I was hysterical , numb and felt like I was in the Twilight zone.

Robert carry me in the house . I was crying all night and morning and finally took Benadryl to sleep . I woke up feeling so sick to my stomach. A feeling, that I would have with me the whole pregnancy. I started vomiting non-stop. I tried my hardest to suck it up. It was just morning sickness right? Everyone was telling me it was. I also thought all mothers can’t go through this, something was not right.
We went back to the hospital because the vomiting wasn’t letting up. My throat was burning and I was vomiting blood! I was crying so hard I wiped my face and I thought my nose was bleeding it was but the tears of blood was horrific.

If you don’t want to see my bloody tears , I suggest you want to exit out of my blog .

I do not sugar coat nothing and the reality is Hyperemesis Gravidarum can kill you and your baby . I will not sensor myself.

When we got to the ER, the nurse asked me if I had Hyperemesis. This was the first time I heard the word. Seven nurses tried to get an IV in me with no luck. I wanted fluids to feel better and anything to stop the nausea, vomiting and pain. I felt like I was dying. The pain I was in was just too much to handle. They sent in a NICU nurse since my veins were super tiny and rolled, and every vein was blown.

Being so dehydrated, I was a hard stick , but dehydrated even worse .
After all of the torture, we anxiously awaited our first ultrasound as we knew it would give us something to look forward to.

I kept thinking I was going to be all over the news ” Mom pregnant with an alien . I was so sick and no one knew what was wrong . I knew I was taken in a UFO and paint and pregnant with me with their species.

I had my first ultrasound and it was amazing! We could see our little baby on the screen. Our baby was so tiny, but you could see the heart flickering. It melted our hearts and from that moment I knew we would fight for our baby!
While still in the hospital, an OBGYN asked if I wanted the baby. I said of course we did. I said I wanted my baby, but I wanted the nonstop vomiting to end. She said I should have a therapeutic abortion. I told her to go F off and get out of my room and said ” YOUR FIRED ”

She came back to my room with two other OBGYN’s By the time they left my room, had me thinking this sounded good and that this was my only way out. The OBGYN said if I continue down this road, both my child and I would most likely die from starvation. I was told my blood work was very bad and that I was losing fluid faster then it was being put in me. My potassium was super low which could cause all sorts of problems like a heart attack, a stroke or even death.
My husband came back and I told him what the doctor said. Robert in shock and confused as me . He saids Babe , they are trying to get you to do something we don’t want. I was upset that I had to risk my health and the baby’s health because I had some pregnancy condition that even healthcare professionals knew very little about. I felt this wasn’t fair to me. Why me? Why do I have to suffer? After being abused by my first husband and belittled daily . I deserved to be happy .
While we were talking, I was puking my guts out. My Zofran was due and my husband was getting upset that the nurses weren’t responding when I pressed the call button. No sooner then he left, two more women doctors came in with the OBGYN that was in my room earlier and continued to pressure me to get the abortion. Finally I said, “DO IT! TAKE ME IN THE OR AND GET IT OVER WITH!” My husband came back and I told him these were the doctors that thought it was best for us to give up our baby. They said Mrs Andrews we can’t do it here. We can discharge you to do it . I screamed then why are you pressuring me to do it get the hell out of my room . Robert said we are keeping the baby so start treating my wife and the baby like a human being unstead of a cage animal .

He told them we were keeping the baby so they should start treating the baby and I to get us healthy. They excused themselves while I kept crying and puking. Every time I would throw up it took all my energy. I was weak , I couldn’t talk I was to sick I was in a conscious coma .

I was finally given a NG Tube and was placed on Formula threw my NG tube. I had lost a lot of weight so they wanted to give me some food while I was admitted I couldn’t hold anything down not even water or ice . The pain I was in from Hyperemesis Gravidarum was the worse pain ever having fibromyalgia on top of Hyperemesis was hell. I was in the hospital for 3 full months they released me due to my insurance they said they send me home with a picc line but just sent me home with an RX and left me on my own to die !

The wedding day came it was hard journey to get here but I made it without vomiting during my vows and puking on my wedding dress . I got my beautiful wedding I wanted and I dreamed of and felt joy and happiness. I wanted a second chance to put my old life behind me and my new one ahead .

I started getting sick after my wedding when my MIL took all of us out to eat . I smelled someone’s hamburger behind me and had to rush to the bathroom to vomit . I always have to sit when I’m puking . The stall I was in I couldn’t even move because my wedding dress was so big .

It is not easy by any means for you to pee when you have a wedding dress on a princess gown and a puffy slip underneath it . I was sick most of the night and finally got some rest before we headed home the next day. When we got back home I was hoping my “morning sickness” 🙄 ( It was HG, Bear in mind not morning sickness ) was over, but it came back in full swing.
It was in the book Beyond Morning Sickness that I learned about PICC lines and home healthcare. I also learned that there is actually morning sickness and there is Hyperemesis Gravidarum they are not one in and the same . Also HG Falls on a spectrum from mild to severe . Some moms don’t have vomiting but are malnourished.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum affects each women different as why treatment is so hard .

Reading about Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) I soon knew if I do not fight for my care my baby we will die.

It took until I was 5 months pregnant of me going in and out of the ER and L&D and fighting for them to give me a PICC line. We were at the hospital at least 3-5 times a week for fluids and they were sick of me coming in for nausea and vomiting. It was hell on earth trying to get an IV in me I was treated so badly and poorly by the doctors and nursing staff at Lakeview Kaiser .
I ended up back in L&D for IV Zofran because fluids at home were not enough. I always waited until I had a lot of ketones to go in because when I didn’t, they said I wasn’t dehydrated like I “claimed.”

The International Colloquium on HG in London (Oct 5-6) was a great success! Two presentations (1, 2) explained how ketones should not be required to be diagnosed with HG or given treatment. Some women are denied IV fluids if they do not have ketones.

What are ketones? They are produced when the body is starving and uses fat versus carbohydrates as fuel.

Ketones do not always correlate with weight loss or symptoms severity. They do predict a longer duration of hospitalization.

I hated having to tell others how to care for me, but no one else was going to be a health advocate for me and my baby so I had to fight the best I could as sick as I was; I was to weak to speak most of the time . Robert would speak for me but I had a Hyperemesis Gravidarum medical treatment protocol plan written down on paper and would hand it to the doctors they didn’t understand I was in a conscious coma . This happen to me and many CVS sufferings but being pregnant and so sick I was worse, I was delusional and hallucinating at times due to malnutrition and severe dehydration . I felt like I was in one of those crazy fun houses at the fair . I was terrifying even closing my eyes I still saw it . Wicked clowns and it scared me . Some of the clowns and dragons would resembles someone I knew . One that is edged in my brain was one that look like JB. This clown would float at the top of the Ceiling. I hated being pregnant, I was starting to get upset at my baby and resent my child for making me so sick. I wanted to have a normal happy pregnancy like my friends, But I knew if I had come this far and hadn’t given into those doctors that wanted me to abort my baby, then I could make it the next four long months until my planned C-section.

I was going to push threw and would tell Robert I will have our baby even if it kills me . Save our child not me .
The hospital staff would say awful things to me like I was making myself sick on purpose because I didn’t want my baby, or I was an unfit mother because if I cared for my child, I would see a shrink about my eating disorder. They also said I was a drug seeker and was just there for drugs.

So “Drug Seeking ” Zofran and fluids I was told you think Zofran helping you but you are addicted to it 😳

The verbiage of Zofran did not wrap around my head this wasn’t a controlled substance , I was mind Fu*%

why they thought this .

I broke my back in an accident years before .

I was in pain and only had meds when it got to the point I broke down and my body went though so much so medicine say I can’t do this the

or blacked out from the pain and dehydrated

I was treated so badly and poorly in Orange County California one of the high end city’s around and I was treated so poorly .
I was sick to the very end, My HG didn’t get better at 20 weeks like I was told. I threw up all the way to the delivery room. Every day I just tried to keep myself and my daughter alive.
I got an ultrasound done to measure how big my daughter was and they said she was running on the small side and they said my HG could have caused this, but they claimed it was most likely it was the medications I was on since they assumed I was addicted to Zofran! In there eyes I was fending Zofran .

I had IUGR Uterine growth restriction due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum many HG mothers have this issue I was unaware of at the time .  Only found this out looking at medical records . It’s amazing how much your not told about your own health and body !

I vomited non stop everyday I only got short breaks before the HG started again . I would vomit non stop for a minimal of 24-98 hours get maybe about 4-10 hour break if I was that lucky and it started all over again like clockwork !  I vomited so much I popped blood vessel in my eyes to the point my eyes would bleed . I had broken blood vessels in my cheeks , tore holes in my stomach and throat and threw up buckets of blood . I was starving and pregnant ! I felt I was screaming at the top of my lungs and no one heard me .

I ended up having to go to NST where they monitor you and the baby to see if your having contractions and watch the baby’s heart rate. I did this the last three weeks of my pregnancy and each time my baby did what she was supposed to do.
I was admitted one last time about a week before my scheduled C-section. This would be my last hospital visit for HG; the next would be to have my baby.

My husband and I were so excited to see what our beautiful baby looked like. We had finally made it to the day of the birth of our baby. We made it though HG hell, the nightmare of the pregnancy, and all the drama the doctors and nurses put me though.
The day of my C-section, we both had feelings that were indescribable. During the delivery, we were waiting for the sound every parent wants to hear – the first cry. The C section didn’t go as easy as I thought ! It took a very long time to get the spinal in my back over 2 hours ! The baby was stuck up above my ribs so they were pulling and tugging to get her out .

When we heard her cry for the first time, we both cried tears of joy. Finally, it was all over and she was here. Once our precious baby was released from the NICU, my husband brought her to my room to stay. When my husband handed her to me and I held her in my arms, I fell instantly in love. My daughter opened her eyes just enough to look at me and I said, “You are safe now, Kierra.” We decided to name her after my best friend who had passed away.

Even though my pregnancy was high-risk, I was blessed with my baby girl. So many mothers lose their babies to HG. It’s amazing that we survived with being so dehydrated and malnourished, vomiting to the point of blood and needing IV medications and fluids. Most mothers fear taking medication during pregnancy, but I didn’t have a choice; it’s what kept my daughter and I alive.
I’m happy to say that today my daughter is a happy but challenging 6 year old. She is the love of my life and I would do it all over again for her. I wouldn’t do HG again, for another child , I had a hysterectomy but thankful I have her . My daughter does have health issues due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum as I do and the aftermath hasn’t been easy by any means! Six years ago no one ever talked about the aftermath and I was tired of feeling isolated and depressed and alone. I knew I could not be the only one suffering in the aftermath, that I couldn’t be the only one that had Hyperemesis Gravidarum so bad that made my teeth rot and changed me in every way shape and form . I made a choice that I am going to speak up , let the world know that It’s important to fight for their care , I have had my health stripped from me . Hyperemesis Gravidarum has stolen so much from me , physically mentally and emotionally. It destroyed my friendships my finances and how I was accustomed to living.

I learned those people who did not stay were not truly friends anyway. If they can not be there for me at my worst they don’t deserve me at my best !

I founded in 2011 Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath a Volunteer base organization to help moms in All 3 aspects of HG and start a HG crisis team to help moms, write care plans and educate doctors around the world on HG and long term health consequences for poor care. I started writing my book and started a support group so no other mother was alone and told ” Its All in your head “. I did not want another mother and baby to go through the hell the torture the agony that isolating feeling Hyperemesis Gravidarum moms get . I was losing it, HG takes you mentally to a dark place . my mind and rather die then fight ! I had no fight left to fight !

When I was in the midst of my HG, with all the nausea, nonstop vomiting and pain, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how hard I tried . If your a mom that at your breaking point reach out to me , I’m here to help you fight and be the voice of Hyperemesis Gravidarum .

If you are suffering from HG and thinking you can’t handle it, trust me, every second is worth it in the end for your baby but fight for your care and your babies ! It’s so important to have good care , the long term consequences. I wish I would of known to fight harder and have someone guide me as I do to moms daily . I have had a PICC for 2 years to control my CVS and Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Gastroparesis. Quality of life is a must for me .

Don’t give up fight for home health care , PICC line or feed tube right away don’t delay if you can’t get home health see about IV treatment outpatient at the hospital . You have options out there know this don’t let uneducated doctors force you to terminate. This is not a cure for HG!

I’m also thankful for the support from the people in my life – I don’t know if could have done it without them.
Kierra, you may have been in mommy’s tummy, but you helped me fight and to go on. You are my everything I always wanted to be a mommy and was told I can’t . I wish mommy knew what I know now so I could of fought better for us . I can not changed what we went through or the health issues we both have . However we can help others mothers and their babies have a better outcome.

Thank you my sweet angel for staying strong inside me when mommy was falling apart. I love you with all my heart. You are my heart and soul and my reason to go on! Daddy help me hold on .

I wish we could of had better medical care so my daughters health issues and mine were not so bad . I see god put me on this path because he felt I was strong enough to live it . All the inspirational messages I get mean so much to me daily and keep me fighting my battle daily ! My aftermath has not been well I’m still sick I have a Picc line and ongoing care at home to help with my nausea and vomiting and keep me out of the hospital.

If you think you have HG please contact me so I can help you fight for your care during Hyperemesis Gravidarum , remember Hyperemesis Gravidarum is dangerous and can harm you and your child good care healthy-mommy and baby . The aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum has been hard on me because I’m still chronically ill with CVS Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Disorder and other issues with my health triggered by Hyperemesis Gravidarum or pre-existing issues made worse. Know you are never alone !

If you are an HG mom and need support on anything, please feel free to contact me. I’m making it my mission to help other moms that are suffering from HG and get them the support they need. I would have loved to have just one person that understood from personal experience help me get through it all. I did not have that but you can .
You can email me at or the contact page from my website.

I have suffered; I know what it feels like to die a slow painful death! I survived Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) I am an HG Survivor and so is my beautiful daughter! Together we made it; we overcame the odds of HG. 1 out of 3 babies dies from HG, due to lack of understanding, little research, and ineffective or lack of treatment. I hope one day a cure is found so no other mother or child has to suffer from this pregnancy condition.”

I run Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath and I am a volunteerd for HER . I work closely with the co founder she one of my very best friends and has help me so much these past few years in the aftermath. You can reach out to the THE HER FOUNDATION

My book hopefully will be release in 2019 if my health and Kierra’s permits it . My full story and other inspirational stories and a FQA will be in my book . Thank you so much for reading my Hyperemesis Gravidarum story of my nine months of hell ! No one talks about the aftermath of HG even doctors think they can snap their fingers and you will be well . This is not the way it works in real life .

” You are not crazy ” ” This is not all in your head ” you are not alone ! I believe you and you are validated that this is real and yes you or your child could die .

Starr Andrews Strong HG activist

find me on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram,

visit my websites at:

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Featured post

Medications to treat Hyperemesis Gravidarum Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

Here a list from my website that I need to update . However I want to share all information from the Her Foundation as I volunteer for them and close with the Co founder.

I use there website to go off of and any of my latest research or medical conferences I go too ! It’s okay to admit you need medication, your not weak or just overreacting. Hyperemesis Gravidarum needs to be treated aggressively and early ! Below are a list of medications that the HER FOUNDATION go by I am working on added this in a whole separate section on my website and putting it in my blog until then . Below is a list if you have any questions please comment so I can help answer your questions.


Helps Nausea & Vomiting

It is taken 4 to 8 mg every 6 hours

Can be given via SQ pump, oral tablet, liquid, dissolve film, or IV. Suppository available outside US.

Can be compounded into a suppository or other form.

Dosing throughout pregnancy may prevent relapse or stabilize symptoms.

Zofran tablets are available as a generic. NEW UPDATE ZOFRAN IS SAFE TO TAKE !

Widely available around the world.

Proactively treat with a daily regimen of stool softeners and laxatives as needed.

Some report generic oral dissolvable tablets do not dissolve as well.

Kytril, Sancuso (Granisetron)

Helps Nausea & Vomiting

Kytril, Sancuso, Granisetron are being used more for HG when Zofran fails.

1 mg every 12 hours (IV or orally)

Allows twice a day dosing.

Also available in transdermal patch form

Medication For The Battery Acid Heartburn:


(Ranitidine) 50 mg IV every 8 hours or 150 mg orally daily or twice a day


(Famotidine) 20 mg IVP/orally every 12 hours


(Lansoprazole) 30-60 mg/day


Cortisone/Corticosteroids – Not recommended until after 8-10 weeks, however, the benefit may outway the risk, please talk with your doctor if you are very sick.

Can cause birth defects if used earlier but has helped many HG mothers with extreme HG symptoms

– Used for refractory Hyperemesis Gravidarum, usually in conjunction with Ondansetron/Zofran

– Possible side-effects: blood sugar instability, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, increased risk of preeclampsia

– Possible fetal complications: reduced birth weight, clefts (if early use), adrenal insufficiency (if exposed to large doses)

– Inconclusive concerns over impact on fetal brain development and oral/lip clefts with prolonged dosing at high levels, and use during the first trimester


comes in pill form for HG has not been determine

also works intravenous. Helps Nausea and vomiting in some case studies.

Medications that have not been fully study in HG women fully. Some studies going on now.

Gabapentin (Neurontin):

In trials for use in HG. Considered as last resort in patients who have exhausted other medication categories. There are some facebook groups with mothers trying this, message if you need a link.

Medications that can help HG

It really depends on how sick you are with HG. There are many types of medications as there are different levels of HG. Every mother is different so what works for one may not work for the other. If one doesn’t work, keep trying to find a combo that works, it may be 2-4 different kinds. There are many treatments that can ease HG symptoms, it won’t take away all of HG but it’s important to have a good doctor and a advocate to help speak for you. Many mothers are to sick and weak to fight for good health care. Below is a list of medications that can help before having to ask for home health care.

Compazine, Stemetil


Nausea & Vomiting

5–10 mg orally, IM, or IV every 6–8 hours

( Burns in the IV pretty bad, I.M. injection burns too)

25 mg every 6–8 hours rectal Risk of EPS increased with metoclopramide

Reglan- 10–20 mg IV/orally every 6 hours

May be given orally, SQ pump, IV (SLOWLY)

in pill form 5-10 MG 1-4 X a day

In IV piggy backed for 15 minutes on IV fluids


12.5–25 mg IVP/orally, IM/PR every 4-6 hours

*IV dose contains sulfite

NEW Research Warning from HELP HER: IV or injected doses can cause tissue damage. More info available on GIVE IV dose SLOWLY to avoid contractions.

Side-effects of anxiety, sedation, and restlessness common and may limit use.



Oral/IM 12.5–25mg every 4–6 hours

Rectal 50–100 mg every 6–8 hours May increase risk of fetal malformations.

May cause muscle spasms in neck/face and/or difficulty with speech. Research articles on PubMed.


(Haloperidol) 1–2 mg orally/IM every 8 hours Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) more common. May cause constipation. Research articles on PubMed.


Bonine, Antivert, Marezine


Follow directions on the label.



-50-100 mg every 4-6 hours Used for motion sickness.


-25 mg orally at bedtime,

1/2 tablet every 6 hours as needed Component of Diclegis/Diclectin.

UNISOM is often taken with

vitamin B6 they now have it as a pill combined as a pill and gos by the names

Diclectin, Diclegis

Doxylamine plus pyridoxine

Average dose is 1 tablet in morning, one in afternoon and two at night. May be given in higher doses up to 12 tablets daily – see research links on right. Differs from Unisom/B6 combo because it isa delayed release formula.

Ondansetron also known as Zofran works for some HG mothers compared to Doxylamine andpyridoxine (Diclegis/Diclectin) for treatment of nausea in pregnancy the return to the USA of doxylamine-pyridoxine delayed release combination Diclegis® was made for morning sickness and morning sickness and HG are NOT one and the same and many medical doctors are still learning this. For some women this works and some it doesn’t . They took the B6 and Unisom and made it into one pill called Diclegis . Some HG mothers that have light HG said it helped and mothers with severe HG nothing helps.


(Diphenhydramine or Gravol) 25 mg IVP/orally every 4–6 hours

Benadryl and Phenergan combined in an IV helps many HG mothers relax and sleep for a short time to have a reprieve, or Zofran and Benadryl both at the sametime.


(Trimethobenzamide) 25 mg orally every 6-8 hours

200 mg IM every 6-8 hours

Vistaril, Atarax

(Hydroxyzine) 25 mg orally every 6 hours Syrup available

Helpful for insomnia

Benadryl and Zofran combo : Sometime the two medications together can help a HG mother fall asleep for a bit to stop the vomiting.

25-50 mg of IV Benadryl slow push or piggy back it hanging with hydration.

4 -8 ml of Zofran

When treatment fails …..

alternative medication has helped so many moms this blog post I really like I know the mom who wrote it off Twitter

Click Below :


This news story is a great one too !

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, All Day And Night Sickness, this is not just Morning Sickness it’s beyond ……….

If you need a list to more medications please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you !

Sister Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist


List Courtesy of more information on the Her Foundation visit HelpHer.Org

Do I have PPD OR PPA what about PTSD , PPOCD after Hyperemesis Gravidarum ? Please help me ……

Running a organization that focuses on all 3 aspects of HG means everything to us at HGBDATA ( HG before during and the aftermath) Most of you that follow me have Hyperemesis Gravidarum or are in the aftermath of it and wonder if you have PPD ( postpartum depression) or PPA ( postpartum anxiety).

Having HG already throws all the cards out the window in pregnancy because HG is not a normal part of pregnancy. Having a happy healthy pregnancy, if you suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum your pregnancy is anything but happy . More like I want to kill myself I can not handle the pain and the sickness . There may be times you pray for a miscarriage. HG takes you in to the deepest darkest place of where your alone and isolated. HG changes you and scars you so to speak forever . Overcoming it can be very hard , I am still mentally scarred and emotionally get defensive on the subject when I have to put someone in there place laughing about HG . The pain the sickness I will never forget, I am still sick in the aftermath daily . I look in the mirror and see the physical change on my body and think what the hell happen to me? Where is the women I was ? I was beautiful, I was skinny , I was healthy . Being healthy and getting pregnant and not being able to go back to your old life or missing it can hit you hard and that’s when PPD and PPA take over even PTSD All are common in Hyperemesis Gravidarum , welcome to the aftermath.

My hair is falling out , my skin rough as sand paper and , my body is in starvation mode, no matter how I eat . I hate Food the smell of it , I don’t drink fluids because I start vomiting . I have chronic nausea and vomiting called Cyclic vomiting Syndrome and Gastroparesis and mast cell Activation I’m allergic to everything now !

My hair when my roots are growing out are grey . My smile lines are deepen and of course all my teeth rotted from vomiting. This was so hard , when I was young in beauty pageants I always won best smile , everyone would call me miss million dollar smile, No one knew me by my first name just “ Hi Miss Million Dollar Smile “

I am still sick and reminded daily of what Hyperemesis Gravidarum has done to me and my child . I have a picc line and have to give myself Zofran in my iv and other medications , daily hydration and TPN . I don’t Have to worry about my teeth falling out because dentures are not real teeth it changes your life when you lose you teeth .

Having PPD /PPA / PTSD after Hyperemesis Gravidarum is real. Please know each of us suffer differently some symptoms can be different in each of you . People expecting for you to be well and get over what you just survived are not helping you in anyway . You can not snap your fingers and be well it doesn’t work that way .

PTSD after Hyperemesis Gravidarum is real . Flashbacks , constantly thinking it and it replays over and over again in your head . It’s vivid it’s scary and It can consume you so much you don’t want to get out of bed or care for your baby or even leave your home ! You start questioning why you did not die and guilt if you thought of having a therapeutic termination can be hard . I would look at my daughter and the guilt ate me up so badly .

I had PTSD it consume me so much to a point I had a mental breakdown. The first time I got sick with the flu and wasn’t sure if it’s was that or food poisoning , I had a break down . I couldn’t do Hyperemesis Gravidarum again ….. it just to much ! I was on my knees screaming to god I can’t do this again ! Your not crazy to feel this way, By any means , do not let anyone question your feelings because they are real . It’s super important to see a doctor and start meds asap . , PPD /PPA/PTSD can get really bad and go downhill fast like a run away train .

If You can’t sleep your mind is racing over and over . You don’t want to be touch by your husband/Boyfriend and fear to have sex because you don’t want to get pregnant and battle what you just survived . You may be all over the place one minute “ don’t touch my baby “ I went through hell not you ! At first I wouldn’t let anyone hold her we went though hell together she was mine .

If anyone touches your baby you may freak out and go postal. You may have days you don’t want to care for your baby because you don’t have the energy too and feel as if your not even the babies mother . You hear your baby cry but can’t pick your own child up because your a hot mess .

Even questioning why you lived and why you got such horrible medical care .

You feel like your scatterbrained , your hearts is racing , you hot your cold your shaking and can’t think . You are trying to push on but all of these symptoms are making you feel sick to your stomach .

Some PPD and PPA symptoms you can be feeling overwhelming

gulit , sadness , losing touch with who you are and even with reality. looking at your baby and either crying of overwhelming thoughts and not feeling like your the babies mother to hurting yourself or baby . Wishing you never got pregnant and wanting your old life back , every thought you question and feel no one understands how your feeling and by this you are isolating yourself even more and question would your baby be better off without you .

*** Seek help if you need help finding a doctor please reach out to me I want to help you ***

Please reach out to us at Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath ( HGBDATA) we like to support you and help you find the help and support you need . I run a support group on line on Facebook with the same name please find my group !

I did a medical conference where I talk about how mental health is so important during and in the aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum you can find that video here : Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the aftermath mental health is so important

I do want to also share this other blog I really like and feel it’s important to share because this information can save a life with or without Hyperemesis Gravidarum many times when a mom is searching they don’t see this website, please read it over and remember everyone suffers differently

One of my favorite websites and person on this subject is Katherine Stone who has changed the world on mental illness for mothers . I’m going to share her information from her website below .

Many websites will explain it in doctor terms she breaks it down so you get what you reading and to understand it .

This blog is awesome and explains it where you can understand the symptoms in detail . I feel this blog is so important for moms to read so I wanted to share what she explains about it . Now most of you who read my blog or follow my work , or getting support from my organization.

On Facebook I am known as a hardcore advocate and activist for Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the aftermath . Many of these same symptoms happen after Hyperemesis Gravidarum too , comment if you have a question or email me or find me on Facebook so I can help you find the right answer to your questions and get you help and support !!

Below you will find Katherine Stone explain it in good old mama English !!

To visit Katherine website please go to:



You are not crazy this is not all in your head so to speak !

What does it feel like to have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety?  What are the signs or symptoms? How do you know when you have it? And if you do have it, what should you do?

Below we will explain the signs of postpartum depression and anxiety, but in what she calls “plain mama English.” She won’t use words like hypomania or dysthymia—the kind of confusing terms you might see elsewhere. She will use the words thousands of other moms have used who have already been through this. Words that make sense. After that, we’ll give you some links to some really helpful resources she has and information. You are not alone. At Postpartum Progress they are great because they understand and we’re happy to help promote their website as it will save moms lives .

When you read the two different symptoms lists below, one for postpartum depression and the one after it for postpartum anxiety and OCD, please remember a few very important things:

1. You may not be experiencing all of the symptoms listed below or even most of them. Postpartum depression and anxiety are not “one-size-fits-all” illnesses. Your experience may include just a few of the symptoms and you may not have others at all.

2. Many people have a feeling like the ones listed below every now and then, for a day or two. We all have bad days. Postpartum depression and anxiety are not just bad days. Women with PPD or anxiety have symptoms like these most of the time, for a period of at least 2 weeks or longer, and these symptoms make it feel very hard to live your life each day.

3. Postpartum depression and anxiety are sometimes “comorbid.”  This means you can have a bit of both, or all of both. If you have symptoms on both lists, that’s not unusual.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Okay.  Here we go. You may have postpartum depression if you have had a baby within the last 12 months and are experiencing some of these symptoms:

You feel overwhelmed. Not like “hey, this new mom thing is hard.” More like “I can’t do this and I’m never going to be able to do this.” You feel like you just can’t handle being a mother. In fact, you may be wondering whether you should have become a mother in the first place.

You feel guilty because you believe you should be handling new motherhood better than this. You feel like your baby deserves better. You worry whether your baby can tell that you feel so bad, or that you are crying so much, or that you don’t feel the happiness or connection that you thought you would. You may wonder whether your baby would be better off without you.

You don’t feel bonded to your baby. You’re not having that mythical mommy bliss that you see on TV or read about in magazines. Not everyone with postpartum depression feels this way, but many do.

You can’t understand why this is happening. You are very confused and scared.

You feel irritated or angry. You have no patience. Everything annoys you. You feel resentment toward your baby, or your partner, or your friends who don’t have babies. You feel out-of-control rage.

You feel nothing. Emptiness and numbness. You are just going through the motions.

You feel sadness to the depths of your soul. You can’t stop crying, even when there’s no real reason to be crying.

You feel hopeless, like this situation will never ever get better. You feel weak and defective, like a failure.

You can’t bring yourself to eat, or perhaps the only thing that makes you feel better is eating.

You can’t sleep when the baby sleeps, nor can you sleep at any other time. Or maybe you can fall asleep, but you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep no matter how tired you are. Or maybe all you can do is sleep and you can’t seem to stay awake to get the most basic things done. Whichever it is, your sleeping is completely screwed up and it’s not just because you have a newborn.

You can’t concentrate. You can’t focus. You can’t think of the words you want to say. You can’t remember what you were supposed to do. You can’t make a decision. You feel like you’re in a fog.

You feel disconnected. You feel strangely apart from everyone for some reason, like there’s an invisible wall between you and the rest of the world.

Maybe you’re doing everything right. You are exercising. You are taking your vitamins. You have a healthy spirituality. You do yoga. You’re thinking “Why can’t I just get over this?” You feel like you should be able to snap out of it, but you can’t.

You might be having thoughts of running away and leaving your family behind. Or you’ve thought of driving off the road, or taking too many pills, or finding some other way to end this misery.

You know something is wrong. You may not know you have a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, but you know the way you are feeling is NOT right. You think you’ve “gone crazy.”

You are afraid that this is your new reality and that you’ve lost the “old you” forever.

You are afraid that if you reach out for help people will judge you. Or that your baby will be taken away.

Postpartum Anxiety & OCD

You may have postpartum anxiety or postpartum OCD if you have had a baby within the last 12 months and are experiencing some of these symptoms:

Your thoughts are racing. You can’t quiet your mind. You can’t settle down. You can’t relax.

You feel like you have to be doing something at all times. Cleaning bottles. Cleaning baby clothes. Cleaning the house. Doing work. Entertaining the baby. Checking on the baby.

You are worried. Really worried. All. The. Time. Am I doing this right? Will my husband come home from his trip? Will the baby wake up? Is the baby eating enough? Is there something wrong with my baby that I’m missing? No matter what anyone says to reassure you, it doesn’t help.

You may be having disturbing thoughts. Thoughts that you’ve never had before. Scary thoughts that make you wonder whether you aren’t the person you thought you were. They fly into your head unwanted and you know they aren’t right, that this isn’t the real you, but they terrify you and they won’t go away. These thoughts may start with the words “What if …”

You are afraid to be alone with your baby because of scary thoughts or worries. You are also afraid of things in your house that could potentially cause harm, like kitchen knives or stairs, and you avoid them like the plague.

You may feel the need to check things constantly. Did I lock the door? Did I lock the car? Did I turn off the oven? Is the baby breathing?

You may be having physical symptoms like stomach cramps or headaches, shakiness or nausea. You might even have panic attacks.

You feel like a captive animal, pacing back and forth in a cage. Restless. On edge.

You can’t eat. You have no appetite.

You’re having trouble sleeping. You are so, so tired, but you can’t sleep.

You feel a sense of dread, like something terrible is going to happen.

You know something is wrong. You may not know you have a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, but you know the way you are feeling is NOT right. You think you’ve “gone crazy.”

You are afraid that this is your new reality and that you’ve lost the “old you” forever.

You are afraid that if you reach out for help people will judge you. Or that your baby will be taken away.

Now that you’ve gone through these lists, are you thinking, “How the heck does this lady know me? Is there a hidden camera in here?” Nope. What this should tell you is that you are not alone and you are not a freak and you are not highly unusual. If you are having these feelings and symptoms then it is possible you are experiencing common illnesses that 15 to 20% of new mothers have, and they are completely treatable. We’re happy to be here to support you.

Postpartum Depression Help

Postpartum Progress is a nonprofit created by moms for moms with maternal mental illness. We know what it’s like and we know how hard it is. Here are some of our best resources for moms with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and related illnesses:

List of postpartum depression treatment specialists and programs. We find that if possible it helps to see someone who has more experience treating women with these illnesses.

List of postpartum depression support groups.

Our description of the six stages of postpartum depression, or what it feels like as you progress through this illness.

A list of some of our top postpartum depression stories, organized in categories so you can find and read stories about moms just like you.

What recovery from PPD does NOT look like, so you know what to focus on and what not to focus on as you get better.

To learn more about how Postpartum Progress can help you, click here.

 Other Things You Should Know

If you are pregnant and are having symptoms similar to those listed above, you should know that you aren’t unusual either. You may have depression or anxiety during pregnancy, which is just as common.

If you are having the symptoms listed above, call your doctor. There is no need to suffer alone. Don’t try to wait this out. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are temporary and treatable with professional help.

If you are already past the first year postpartum and still suffering, you could still have postpartum depression or anxiety. Perhaps you never reached out for help in the first year and you are still struggling. Call your doctor. You can still get help for this.

One last but very important thing: If you are having moments where it seems like you can see or hear things no one else does, if you are feeling paranoid as if others are out to get you, if you are feeling that you or your baby are somehow related to the devil or God in some way, or if you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, it’s important to reach out for help right now. These symptoms require immediate attention as they could be signs of postpartum psychosis. If you have these symptoms, your illness has the potential to take over and lead you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. In order to avoid that it is important to reach out for help right away so that trained professionals can help you get stabilized and healthy.

Please visit her website at :

Please know you are not alone , it can be scary , everyone suffers differently so no one is textbook !

You can find our website , my blog here and my videos on YouTube . I run a support group on Facebook and we have one for us that covers the before the During and aftermath . One for the aftermath of our children with aftermath issues , and a group for all the Dad’s out there !

Sister Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist

Founder of HG Before During And The Aftermath

You can find my website at : Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath

You can google search my name or organization name Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath to find all of my awareness on Hyperemesis Gravidarum in the before the during and the aftermath .


*The website I speak of that is not my website or written work all that Credit is to : Courtesy of :

Katherine Stone


Katherine has change the views of mental illness with mothers and has won many awards and been on TV along with being recognize by webMD and more . I encourage you after reading this blog to visit her website at : http://www.postpartum

HG Dad’s speaks out on seeing his wife sick

Most of the time men will not speak out about Hyperemesis Gravidarum and just try to bury it away ! I got the privilege to see his story as his wife had Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I know her . To all the fathers out there , their is hope if your a HG dad needing help please reach out to us at Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath (HGBDATA)

We have a Hyperemesis Gravidarum group just for fathers .

Starr Andrews Strong

This may be my favorite photo ever taken. I’d never felt more relieved in my entire life… I had spent most of the previous 38 weeks trying not to think about her. Trying not to get attached to her… at some point maybe I even felt some resentment. I watched my wife struggle to make it Day to day… poking herself with needle after needle just to get any sort of relief. I watched her go days without eating or drinking because it immediately came right back up. She actually lost weight during this time. I felt guilty, I still do. I watched as she passed out cold and slam her head on the ground… as several people tried to bring her back to consciousness, we eventually, like every week, ended up in the hospital. During all this… we knew there was a strong chance Audrey might not make it. She almost came at 22 weeks so Shelby had to get steroid shots to help her grow. I knew that losing her would break her after all she had gone through… I knew that I had to be the strong one if it happened, for her, for Wade, and for myself. So I mentally prepared myself, as if it had already happened. I grew very depressed during this time… but I didn’t talk about it. I had to be strong.

When she was born, it was surreal. It was days before I really started to believe it. She was so beautiful. I was so prepared for her not to make it that When she did I realized… I hadn’t prepared for if she did make it. It took some time, her colic didn’t help. I felt like I was being punished, it was an awful time. I cried the first night she slept through the night for us. 9 months of a terrible pregnancy, 11 months of hell, And yet, I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. I love this beautiful baby girl more than I ever thought possible. I love her smile and her laugh, I love watching her eat French fries and i love how she watches the Eagles games with me. It’s been a crazy year, but the ups were worth the Downs. Being a parent is hard, harder than anyone ever told me it would be. But it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.Fight for your wife’s girlfriends care and seek help to do whatever it takes to keep them alive ! I am a HG dad and want the rest of the fathers out there to know their is light at the end of the tunnel !

My name is Michael Worley And my wife suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and we did it we over came the odds.

If you are looking for help with understanding Hyperemesis Gravidarum and need help to advocate please reach out to us we are here to help .

RELEASE DATE 9/15/17 “This Ain’t Morning Sickness ” Debut Single Hit Song , on Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) written for Starr and her HG sisters .

In the HG community , I am very well known as an aggressive hardcore HG Activist , advocate , support sister and for having my huge volunteer base organization and network of HG Crisses Support team members and volunteers.

HG is draining physically mentally and emotionally and why it’s imperative to have a support of family , friends , spouse , and HG Sisters.

HGBDATA we enjoy helping mothers who need help with preparing for a HG pregnancy and trying to conceive after having Hyperemesis Gravidarum in a pervious pregnancy !

Being a Hyperemesis Gravidarum activist and advocate, I have dedicated my life to helping mothers who suffer from a life threatening pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) What is HG?

Most people even doctors and nurses are uneducated when it comes to Hyperemesis Gravidarum . Nearly 80% of women suffer from Morning Sickness , this is common , however 2%-4% end up with a deadly form of pregnancy sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum ( HG for short )

I have been looking and tried to work with many artist in the past and know one understood the emotion I wanted with the song I wanted to educate the world on HG!

I was blessed to find Maximum Art Productions .

Mark Arterbury Who writes his own music and sings with the most powerful inspirational voice I have heard . Mark is talented , he is blessed by the holy sprit and can take what you say and the meaning of it and rap a song in such a way that is majestic while including and preaching the word of god at the same time .

I had the pleasure of having Mark /Maximus art productions make this song for me and it is such a blessing . His beautiful wife Jolyn is the videographer behind this song .

This song was written for me and all the Hyperemesis Gravidarum moms out there !

This Ain’t Morning Sickness by maximum art productions ! This song and video really hits home with a Hyperemesis Gravidarum mom ! Please share and help us get this to go viral!

To watch my last medical conference I did you can learn about HG and the aftermath. It’s so important to fight for your care .

This video I talk about

Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the aftermath . I also talk about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome from a patient’s perspective here ! You can read my story of my nine months of hell , remember your never alone !

If you need help with HG crisis support please reach out to me on Facebook or via my website to get HG crisis support on my blog. You can visit My website for more information and support ! I also run a Facebook group and pages as well under the same name Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath.

I hope you will share my hit single click on this to see the video and hear the song Click here>This Ain’t Morning Sickness

This song tells the truth on the dark side of Hyperemesis Gravidarum pregnancy it’s a real eye opener !

Let me know your thoughts !

Sister Starr Andrews Strong HGactivist

Founder of Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The AfterMath

#HGSong #HGBeforeDuringAndTheAftermath



Please click the link below , the debut single “This Ain’t Morning Sickness ”

This Ain’t Morning Sickness this is Hyperemesis Gravidarum

How do I decide to get pregnant again after having Hyperemesis Gravidarum ? 

I have been a hardcore volunteer for the HER Hyperemesis Education Research Foundation for years.

The HER Foundation has such good information on their website and many moms do not even know are there . The information I have gathered myself over the years , is a collaboration of tips from

moms I have supported , in my Facebook group.

Many have shared with me that may just be super helpful if you are wanting to go down this road again.

If you and your husband have baby fever , it is super important to talk and brainstorm .

I get asked daily , on Facebook or via email from my website . I love all the Inspirational messages from moms all over the world that follow me , thank you it keeps me going .

If you have any input please comment so I can add it to my website, blog and my HG book .

The burning question how do I do this again ? Am I crazy or could I really have another baby ?

1. How do I know if I will have HG next time?
If you have had severe HG more than once, you have a very high probability of having HG again. Recent research by the HER Foundation finds over half of women (about 2/3rds) will have HG in every pregnancy. Your chances are greater if you have a relative with a history of HG, especially a sister. Health professionals often underestimate the recurrence rate of HG.

2. Are you willing and able to endure what you did in your previous pregnancy?

Don’t assume your next pregnancy will be different. Subsequent pregnancies are often similar though sometimes they vary – either better or worse. For some women, each pregnancy gets more severe. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.  Having a support system in place is important I run a support group in Facebook groups called Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath Click Here To Request In . Please answer all questions : we Focus on all three aspects of hyperemesis, before , during and the aftermath. Find my group or reach out if you need help to plan a HG care plan or a TTC plan . If your already pregnant and need HG crisis support your not alone. Myself and team will help you !

3. Did you try all of the medication options available including Zofran and steroids?

If yes, and they did not work, know that there are few other options available currently and you may be limited to those treatment options. For some women, starting treatment earlier in pregnancy – at the onset of HG rather than after symptoms are severe, makes surviving HG possible. Also, for some, trying medications via an IV or special pump ( A PCA ) that offers continuous dosing, may be very beneficial. For a small but significant number of women, treatments are not tolerated or have no beneficial effect in any combination. These women will likely find future pregnancies to be just as resistant to treatment. Other options besides pregnancy are likely better choices.

HGBDATA we offer support and help you put a care plan action in place and have support sisters for one on one support and HG crisis support. I also have a team of women that help with HG Crisis support and ongoing support. Each moms needs are different. To get set up for this is not hard just a few forms and guidelines in place for us to help you.

4. Is your doctor or midwife willing to set up a plan for your treatment and offer all options? Will they follow a care plan you make up by speaking to one of us at my organization? Home health care and IV hydration at home ?

Normally I am the one that does this but my Director Yeni does if I’m not available, she can start your treatment plan .

At HGBDATA our HG Crisis volunteers are here to help . If you feel you need more then one on one you reach out to myself or my Director Yeni and we will set in place a team for you !

If your next pregnancy is similar or worse, you may face a great deal of suffering. Having at least one if not two health professionals, and a perinatologist, prepared to care for you is important to ensure you get the care you need. One may be unavailable during the time you most need medical care or may be uncomfortable treating severe HG. A Hyperemesis Gravidarum care plan and speaking with them going over in great detail what the plan is and make sure it’s in your medical record ! Print out the care plan bring a copy !

5. Are you willing or unwilling to take medication or do you have serious concerns over safety?

Considering most pregnancies are similar if not worse, medication is often necessary to avoid therapeutic termination or miscarriage. Review the medication page on the HER Foundation site to be informed of the risks to you and your baby. All medications carry risk, but the risks are often outweighed by the benefits they offer in managing the symptoms of HG.

6. Would you be willing to have a special IV (PICC) inserted for nutrition if needed?

Sometimes women require IV nutrition (TPN) which means you will need help at home daily, home health care nurses, and careful monitoring by health care staff to avoid infection and other complications. It is also expensive but can be life-saving. If you are unwilling due to cost, discomfort, or concerns over safety, please read up on it to be informed. There is always the possibility you will be faced with severe HG and even the choice between losing your baby or IV nutrition. IV fluids and meds at home instead of the hospital! You have options! They may not tell you your options but you have many ! X

7. Did you require numerous medications and invasive treatments like a PICC line in your previous pregnancy?

Each medication carries some potential for risk to your baby, and introduces the possibility of side-effects or medication interactions. PICC lines (or other central lines) are risky and not to be taken lightly. For those very ill, they can be life-saving and necessary, however, avoiding them is ideal. If you feel that no matter what, you will require extensive medical care, remember these present risks that you cannot always control or prevent.

8. Did you terminate your previous pregnancy due to the severity of HG?

Know that the severity often repeats in future pregnancies. Proactive, aggressive care that is planned in advance is critical to surviving more severe cases of HG. Sometimes each pregnancy will be worse than the previous even with good care. This could be due to the brain becoming more sensitive to the vomiting stimulus, thus making the brain less able to control the vomiting. If you would not terminate again and enter unto pregnancy without a plan, you are taking a significant risk.


You should avoid intercourse, at any rate, during the first two weeks after a termination to decrease your chance of a post-abortion infection and a pregnancy if you are not yet on birth control.

Avoid getting pregnant during the first month after an abortion to give your uterine lining time to heal to accept another pregnancy. Your uterine lining begins to heal right after an uncomplicated abortion.

In case you really want to conceive after an abortion, doctors recommend you use contraception and wait until after you have at least one normal period before trying to conceive again.

After terminating a pregnancy, it is possible to get pregnant as soon as you ovulate if you have unprotected sex. This can happen within two weeks, even if you are still bleeding. Based on a 2014 review in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 83 percent of women ovulate in the first cycle following an abortion, and this can occur as soon as eight days after the procedure. The statistics are similar for first trimester surgical abortions and medical abortions. You are at higher risk for pregnancy complications and miscarriage if you don’t at least wait 1-2 months to get pregnant ! Having Hyperemesis Gravidarum you need to prepare your body before jumping into rushing to get pregnant ! This applies to having a miscarriage as well.

9. Do you have good social support and adequate help at home?

This is something that is very important to all pregnancies, but more so for surviving HG, especially if you have children to care for already or get very sick. Women with very high stress levels have higher rates of postpartum depression, and increase the risk of emotional and behavioral disorders in their child.  We have a support group on Facebook and there quite a few other groups we can send you their way if you like so you have more then one support group each offer great support!

10. Do you have children at home that will require your care? 

It will be difficult if not impossible to maintain a normal routine for your children.  You may need to depend on family, friends or day care in order to care for your child(ren) during the worst of HG.  This can vary from a few weeks to the entire pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, HG does not end at 13 weeks. It often eases by mid-pregnancy, ( FOR SOME but NOT ALL symptoms may last until delivery. The longer HG lasts, the greater your fatigue and debility, and the longer your recovery.

11. Do twins or multiples run in your family, or do you require fertility treatments that increase the risk of multiples?

Multiple pregnancies have a higher risk of HG due to the higher level of hormones in their body.

12. Are you back to normal health?

Try to be in the best physical and mental health possible before pregnancy. Some women lose a lot of weight and plan to be about 10 pounds over their normal (healthy for their height) weight at conception, so they have some weight to lose and additional stores of vitamins. Before TTC a TTC plan is important to prepare your body for Hyperemesis Gravidarum contact us and we can help.

13. Do you have money saved up to pay for assistance at home, co-pays and out of pocket expenses, including childcare and non-covered treatments?

Surviving HG can be expensive if your insurance coverage is limited, you have severe symptoms, become debilitated, experience complications during or after pregnancy, or you lose your income. You can decrease the stress of HG by having extra money available for unexpected expenses. This will also prevent you from having to make choices in your care based on your finances and not your needs.

14. Do you have insurance coverage for medications like Zofran and treatments like home IV and nutritional (TPN) therapy?

One month of medications like Zofran can cost approximately $3000 (USD), and TPN at home costs upwards of $500 per day (USD). Without insurance, needed treatments may be too costly, leaving you to suffer unnecessarily. Ensure you have a plan that will cover all possible treatment options and make sure you have waited the required time period for eligibility. Also check to see if HG would be excluded for some reason. It is also very helpful to know the process for seeing a specialist (e.g. if your insurance requires you to get a referral). Be sure that your preferred doctors and hospital are covered by your insurance, or that you have the extra money required to see doctors outside of your network.

15. Do you have to work or can you take a leave of absence from employment?

Review your finances closely and determine if you could live without all or part of your income, and for how long. There is no guarantee that you will be able to take a leave from work or be able to return quickly. Alternatively, explore medical disability options and ask your health professional what criteria is used to determine when you would be placed on disability. Also, be familiar with your employer’s policies on taking a leave of absence or your vacation time. If your HG symptoms are not severe, consider part-time or flex hours.

Finally, know that physical work is not recommended during pregnancy and practically impossible with HG. If this is part of your job, other options will need consideration. Recovering from HG and a complicated pregnancy can take months, not just weeks and planning ahead for this is crucial, especially if you have HG beyond mid-pregnancy.

16. Did you have complications other than HG like gestational diabetes, thyroid disease, clotting disorders, or high blood pressure (i.e. preeclampsia, hypertension)?

These complications may return in future pregnancies and present significant risks to the baby if not controlled. The risk of harm to you and baby is high if you do not respond to the treatments offered or cannot tolerate the treatments. The more complicated the pregnancy, the more difficult it is to manage, and the higher the probability you will have an early delivery or other adverse event.

17. Has your health care professional suggested that another pregnancy could be dangerous or pose significant risk to your health now or in the future?

Some women have long-term health issues due to HG including heart or brain damage, gall bladder disease, extensive damage to teeth, hernias, stomach ulcers, bone loss, depression, and joint damage (esp. jaw – TMJ). Pregnancy and delivery alone present many risks that can be life-threatening. These risks may be too great for you, especially if you have children at home that depend on you. This is something you will need to discuss in depth with your family and medical professionals before deciding. There are other options such as adoption and surrogacy, which are chosen by women with HG who desire to continue their family despite HG. It is very important to understand the risks to you and your child so you can make an informed decision.

18. Is your partner or spouse willing to support you through another pregnancy?

You will need as much support as possible to endure HG. Without a supportive person around you, it will be difficult to ensure you get the care you need. When you are ill, it’s difficult to advocate for yourself. Since many women with HG go on to experience postpartum depression and anxiety due to trauma, it is critical that you have support beyond pregnancy. Physical recovery can take several months, and emotional recovery much longer. If your partner or spouse is not supportive of another pregnancy or had great difficulty coping with previous pregnancies, ensure you have alternate support systems in place and think carefully about your decision. If you become too ill to care for yourself, you will need someone close by to advocate and care for you. Remember there are many Facebook groups for Hyperemesis Gravidarum online I run one !

19. Do you have flashbacks, severe anxiety or nightmares about HG?

HG is often very traumatic. The thought of enduring it again often creates a great deal of anxiety for women. If you are still suffering from the trauma of HG, professional help is needed to help you prepare for another pregnancy. Some areas have groups that specialize in women’s health during and after pregnancy. Your OB may be able to offer referrals. It is not uncommon for women to feel anxious when trying to conceive, knowing that HG lies ahead. Being prepared and informed about managing HG will ease the anxiety.
Going through Hyperemesis Gravidarum is forever changing and can leave a everlasting impach on you mentally emotionally and physically.

Your not alone ,

Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist

HG Before During And The Aftermath




information courtesy of The Her Foundation.

Source : HER Foundation

Starr What Is CVS Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome ? 

Today’s question of the day is what is CVS A.K.A Cyclical ( Cyclic ) Vomiting Syndrome.

Starr I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) while pregnant . I read that you know about the two and how they are the same like a sisterhood disease.

I’m still sick but I heard you get CVS too in the aftermath?

Every time my period comes I get hit with HG symptoms. It is just like HG. I’m overwhelmed please help explain what CVS is and how you say the word Cyclic does this mean cycle like a period or bike ? Sorry for the stupid questions but your the only one I know of that can answer these questions to educate and not belittle me for not knowing

My family thinks I am going to die …..

~ anonymous

I have had CVS since I was younger it was triggered from my periods it was so bad, I would end up every month in the hospital due to dehydration it was bad.

I didn’t know for a very long time that it was CVS.

I had my gallbladder removed when I was 22 because they were not sure that was the reasoning why I had intractable nausea and vomiting , sadly just made everything worse .

CVS stands for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome . Most that don’t suffer or don’t know that what they have will call it cycle but that what Cyclic means . To pronounce it the best way I remember that stuck in my head of a CVS sister Coleen Rice that wrote a book on CVS .

I was so happy when I found her book it kept me sane .

I enjoyed her book , it’s a good book to know your not alone . It has been many years since I read it however a part in her book has happened to myself trying to explain to a nurse how to say it !

If your trying to teach someone how to say the word Cyclic ( Sike Lic ) you would think 🤔Is this how you say it ? NOPE !!The C is silent! Like physh lick . Some people will say SICK LICK , I had many nurses do this to me saying your sick and you licked what that led to vomiting . Insert eye roll 🙄 here !
Cyclic vomiting syndrome, also referred to as CVS in short , is an severe nausea and vomiting disorder with sudden, repeated attacks—also called episodes—of severe debilitating nausea, vomiting, and physical exhaustion that occur with no apparent cause. Many CVSer fall into a conscious coma where they can not speak just lay there still and only enough strength to vomit ! These episodes can last from a few hours to several days or months at a time or longer! Episodes can be so severe that a person has to stay in bed for days, unable to go to school or work or care for their children let alone themselves . A person with CVS and this can be women or men boys or girls including children as CVS doesn’t discriminate . usually a bad attack you should seek treatment at an ER or a hospital during episodes if they can not abort it in what I call the

Golden Window”of time ”

The golden window is a short period that the suffers has to get medicine to abort the attack ASAP! Everyone is different in what works to abort their attacks may not help you as we are all different.

After having HG during my pregnancy my abortive medications changed ! I had to have Zofran shot by I.M. Injection which is a muscle injection of the medication to try to prevent me having to go in for IV hydration and IV medication to stop the nausea and vomiting . Others have only pills like Zofran ,Ativan, Imtrex pills or injections can can sometimes abort an attack . For many of us we don’t want to go to the ER because we are patient profiled

as a drug seeker and not taking seriously about our symptoms. For myself and countless others with CVS get extreme stomach pain in the upper part of our stomach that can leave the sufferer curl into a ball on the floor . Because for this we need pain medication at times and very sadly someone with CVS are often labeled as just wanting drugs and a frequent flyer . Yes the ER will flag you , I have seen it , experience it , and watched this young mom be told as she lied in room 11.

You may not here them say it to your face , however you are in their eyes ! When I was in the ER for my daughter for 13 days ( yes 13 days in a little ER room , it was a nightmare for my six year old and us to be locked in a prison , another story another time ) you will hear people talking about how bad they are treated in an ER with CVS , my daughter was resting and I was walking to the bathroom and this nurse is trying to chase the doctor down to ask for medication consent and I actually heard and saw with my own eyes the doctor say “she faking the vomiting and pain” she was just here a few days ago . “I will not give her pain medication, discharge her NOW!” My heart sank because I wanted to go to her room and say “I believe you”

I wanted to see if this person had CVS or Gastroparesis. Pain is part of what makes CVS unbearable because on top of the nausea it’s so bad you can’t eat or drink ! Some with CVS experiences symptom-free periods lasting a few days , weeks to several months depends on the CVS sufferer . To people who have the disorder, as well as their family members and friends, cyclic vomiting syndrome can be disruptive and frightening.

Intensity of symptoms will vary as a person cycles through four distinct phases of an episode: Below are the phases they may vary from person to person but usually go in this order ! HOWEVER , NOT ALL CVS SUFFERER HAVE CYCLES THEY CAN BE IN A CONSENT ONGOING CYCLE THAT WONT END! Any doctor tells you otherwise they don’t know what the hell they are talking about . Chronic nausea that is debilitating and consumes you .

For the sufferer , depending when and how your body triggers CVS your symptoms can vary and change over time :

This is a real problem , CVS doesn’t have a one size fit all diagnosis. if you have CVS and know it but because you really haven’t felt well the doctor will say it’s not CVS and making the suffer feel lost crazy and no valuation. Not all , but many CVSer that have CVS do have Gastroparesis that can makes it more likely of being ” Stuck in a cycle “

I personally like to say attack or episode I don’t like saying cycle even though that what it is ! I have some CVS brother that will not say cycle because they been look at as crazy at the hospital and made fun of being on there man period but it’s not a laughing matter.
If you had semi text book CVS that come and go they usuallly go like this but vary……

Prodrome phase. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The first phase, the person feels that an episode of nausea and vomiting is about to start. Often marked by intense sweating and nausea—with or without abdominal pain—this phase can last from a few minutes to several hours or longer. The person may appear unusually pale.

It can go from just nausea then hit hard into the vomiting in a blink of a eye!

Vomiting phase. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Intense nausea, vomiting, and retching and pain. Periods of vomiting and retching can last 20 to 30 minutes at a time or longer. For myself when it bad it’s just non stop and I can not speak or move and I lay on my side with my face in my bucket! The person may be subdued and responsive, immobile and unresponsive, or writhing and moaning with intense abdominal pain. An episode can last from hours to days.

Recovery phase. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
When the vomiting and retching stop and the nausea subsides. Improvement of symptoms during the recovery phase can vary. Healthy color, appetite, and energy return gradually or right away.
When no symptoms are present . CVS is a disorder that can affect a person for months, years, or decades or forever. Each episode of cyclic vomiting syndrome is usually similar to previous ones, meaning that episodes tend to start at the same time of day, last the same length of time, and occur with the same symptoms and level of intensity however this can change . Sometimes a CVS sufferer can get stuck in a cycle that is just daily with only short breaks then the nausea and vomiting come back. I hate the smell of food.
If I smell food it will make me deadly sick just from the smell . I have a very high level of being able to smell anything , I hate it ! CVS before HG was different for me ! Once I was well I could eat and drink and smell food and it was okay . Sadly this has changed as I use to be able to drink so much water in one day and now I hardly can or I vomit it all back up ! I do IV hydration at home and meds in my picc line so I don’t have to be away from my little one . Being on home health care been a saving grace .
A CVSer they can be sick daily as in ongoing and doctors will “claim” this can not be CVS if you have no break , this is false ! Most cvs suffers have Gastroparesis on top of CVS so it mask the two illnesses into one and as why many are left sick and doctors throw their hands up saying “I don’t know what’s wrong with you” . This makes it even more depressing for the sufferer .

A suffer easily can be labeled a frequent flyer at a ER because once we get sick it can last a long time ! For many of us dehydration and malnutrition can be deadly ! Within the last two years in the CVS community we have lost a minimum of 15 CVS brothers and sisters due to CVS that led to serious illness and organ failure ! CVS is no laughing matter ! How many more have to die before CVS is taken seriously!
it’s not like CVS won’t kill you” these doctors need to learn that CVS can kill you.
can happen by CVS are as followed .
of CVS you must replace fluids that were lost because of vomiting and diarrhea. When dehydrated, the body lacks enough fluid and electrolytes—minerals in salts, including sodium, potassium, and chloride—to function properly. Severe dehydration may require intravenous (IV) fluids and
rritation of the esophagus—can result from the stomach acid that exits through the esophagus during Vomiting. Vomiting blood can cause a tear in the lower end of the esophagus—is caused by severe vomiting. A person with bloody vomit and stool should see a health care provider right away. I have in my medical records Mallory Weiss Syndrome because it happens often , during pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum it was worse .

Tooth decay or corroding tooth enamel is damage caused by stomach acid. Once you lose the enamel your teeth are not savable. I had all my teeth rot due to Chronic CVS after having a very high risk pregnancy known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum . HG and CVS mimic each other with HG two lives are at stake in less your pregnant with more then one baby . Many moms in the aftermath of HG get CVS.
Anyone anytime and is not rare by any means . If you are unable to get treatment or delaying treatment can cause irreversible damage to your organs and this can kill a person with CVS. As dehydration is hand and hand with CVS. Septic shock is a serious medical condition that occurs when sepsis, which is organ injury or damage in response to infection, leads to dangerously low blood pressure and abnormalities in cellular metabolism. … It can cause multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (formerly known as multiple organ failure) and death. CVS causes extreme nausea and vomiting that can lead to dehydration and malnutrition. However many CVS suffer in silence because we are label drug seekers and some CVS treatment includes pain medications so the medical community points fingers and saids ( nope just wants drugs ) All we want is to be out of pain and to help the Sickness , nausea and vomiting to stop. many with CVS that get Hyperemesis Gravidarum it’s Severe and needs to be treated aggressively many like my CVS brother Dave pictured in this blog , dehydration can lead to serious complications, such as coma and death, particularly if untreated. … ( Dave overcame the odds and is still here praise god but he still sick and fighting the battle every day and refuses to let CVS win !

Anyone with CVS needs to have valuation and good medical treatment.
Dave is a inspiration to me . I am proud of him speaking up about it and being a man it’s not easy . I have another CVS brother Stephen who is awesome too !

Here is his YouTube video

#CVSTRUTH from him . It always makes me cry

Stephan CVS Truth

As men with CVS most of them suffer in silence. More men need to speak out to show it’s just not in our heads .

Our body needs many things to stay alive . However the lack of aggressive treatment for Cyclic Vomiting syndrome, organs including the kidneys, liver, and brain are often damaged due to severe dehydration. Confusion and coma are often signs of brain damage from dehydration. You may here this is very rare but sadly it’s not.
Get checked to see if you have Gastroparesis because having this on top of CVS is debilitating.

It’s possible to have periods of wellness, but it’s hard on many CVSer. So many things trigger CVS and it’s very hard to pinpoint ones triggers at times even someone who has had CVS for years ! CVS can lead to other life-threatening complications . CVS doesn’t discriminate, it mimics Hyperemesis Gravidarum so if your in the aftermath of your pregnancy and suffered from HG you could have CVS. If your a CVSer and get pregnant and become very ill frequently you could have Hyperemesis Gravidarum . If you have HG you can have a child born with CVS . CVS and Hyperemesis Gravidarum are related by our DNA more research needs to be done on the RYR2 FACTOR to know does everyone have this Gene mutation or only women.
If you need help to explain what CVS is and if you have any questions at all please comment or reach out ! The picture below is someone I know in my CVS groups and survived however he battles CVS as many of us do !

This photo speaks volumes and is a wake up call !

Medication can’t kill CVS nothing will there are vitamins that you can take to help make CVS a bit better . My problem is I can’t take the Mitochondrial cocktail I try and always get nauseated.
CVS on a daily basis keep fighting . CVS is a real thing , don’t discredit someone suffering if they have CVS or have symptoms of CVS and are undiagnosed. Many doctors sadly are not educated on #CyclicVomitingSyndrome as they are uneducated on Hyperemesis Gravidarum . It’s about raising awareness , sharing this post and getting the word out that #CVSIsARealThing. CVS doesn’t Discriminate men get CVS too , I know quite a few men who do and it’s so hard on them too ! This picture below is of a CVS brother Dave ! Please know you are not alone , would you want to see your loved one in the hospital in a coma like this photo ?Because this is the #CVSTruth THIS IS our #CVSReality

Sister Starr Andrews Strong 💕.Founder of Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath CVS Truth is a division of HG Before During And The Aftermath #AreYouCVSAware CVS Is A Real #HGAndCVS

Sign the petition to make hyperemesis national priority

Mothers and babies are dying due to incompetent doctors ! When Is Hyperemesis Gravidarum going to be a National priority? How many mothers and babies have to die before this is taken seriously? Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not rare anymore and I’m sick of it , I’m sick of losing mothers to a pregnancy illness that uneducated doctors nurses medical staff dismiss . This is not morning sickness this is Hyperemesis Gravidarum , HG will kill you , morning sickness will not ! This is the official Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Petition on the White House Website. We need your help to get the United States Congress to make Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) a National Priority! We need to get 100,000 Signatures in 30 Days in order to get an official update from the White House within 60 days. Your signanture will help us save lives; thank you so much for your support! #HyperemesisGravidarum 
I urge you to please sign this petition and share it on your status publicly! The White House one we had was under Obama care administration and after the Ayden Rae Foundation calling the while house they said that site wasn’t working ! Here is the new link ! 

 Thank you , 

 Starr Andrews Strong❤💙 

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The Aftermath 


Proud to be an Hyperemesis Gravidarum and CVS advocate 

Being a survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum has made me the advocate and activist I am today ! I have suffered from CVS -Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome since I was young I still pushed through life as best as I could . I had a few years of remission of CVS after Oxygen Therpy for a clinical trial ! I wasn’t suppose to get pregnant and I did and ended up with severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum . What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum ? Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a life threatening pregnancy condition that can kill a mother and her baby at any point during pregnancy ! It’s not morning sickness and calling it that is a slap to a #HGMoms face ! I survivered 9 months of hell and god put me on this journey because he feels I’m strong enough to live it ! I wouldn’t be the advocate and activist I am today , if I had not went through Hyperemesis Gravidarum . In the aftermath I was hit with CVS badly , people do not understand CVS as they don’t understand Hyperemesis Gravidarum , CVS there is no cure for and the cycles of nausea and vomiting are endless . CVS is so poorly understood by the medical community as it is to everyone else ! When someone with Hyperemesis Gravidarum or CVS tells you they are sick , believe them and listen and try to help them instead of trying to Cracker them , we are dehydrated crackers when you can’t even swallow you choke ! Ginger is so gross the smell the taste it makes you even more sick . GINGER DOESNT HELP SO STOP SAYING TO TRY IT ! Sea bands are an insult and telling us well try to eat and drink ….. Don’t you think we want too , if only we could just eat and drink but we can’t andyou need to start educating yourself if you have a loved one with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy or suffering from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) 

We want to be well , we want to not be sick , but this is not the way it works in real life . 

Learn about HG and CVS and be aware 
For more information please visit my website at 
Starr Andrews StrongHGactivist 

Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath 





Crackers Will Not Cure HG Learn The Facts 

Crackers will not cure Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG ) one must not forget that #HyperemesisGravidarum is not #morning sickness , They are not one in the same . Learn the facts about HG Before you tell a mother with HG to eat a cracker , you need to educate yourself .

 Morning Sickness and HG are not one in the same .  Mothers with Hyperemesis Gravidarum need aggressive medical care to save their life not crackers. Actually crackers are not easy for a Hyperemesis Gravidarum mother to keep down as water can trigger nausea and vomiting just like a cracker . Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a life threatening pregnancy condition that can kill mother and child. Hyperemesis Gravidarum are 4 times more likely to go into preterm labor . 1 out 3 babies do not make it to a live birth . We know this number is much higher because mothers need aggressive treatment to fight HG.

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Hyperemesis Gravidarum- HG for short. Is a severe form of sickness, this is not morning sickness it’s beyond. With HG it is extreme nausea and vomiting that is “unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids.” It causes severe dehydration and malnourishment in the mother. HG and morning sickness are not the same. Don’t let anyone tell you that they are the same as they are NOT!

Because HG and morning sickness are like day and night, fruit vs veggie not in the same ball park. Below we will explain below what the difference is and some facts.


HG is not a normal pregnancy. You can’t eat or drink. Your have severe nausea and or vomiting. This is not morning sickness it’s beyond. Under HG stories, you will read stories of mothers who have suffered from HG, and see there is a difference between HG and morning sickness.


HG causes premature birth. Many HG mothers are not aware of this. HG mothers are 4 times more likely to give birth early, are you aware.


HG can cause lifelong health issues for mother and baby after HG is over. Often mothers are left to suffer alone and not have understanding and feel depressed and suffer from PTSD, PPD,PPA.

HG is life threatening and not a joke. It is a severe form of nausea and vomiting that can lead to death of the child and mother.

1 out 3 babies do not make it to a live birth. we believe this number is much higher, because we have personally known so many HG mothers who have lost their babies due to HG. Are you aware? The research we have done is more like 3 out 5 dont make it to a life birth.


Crackers and soda will not help HG. Telling an HG mom to suck it up and eat crackers is a slap in the face.

If you are trying to understand the difference between Hyperemesis Gravidarum and morning sickness you can visit my website at

You can also watch my video that I explain Hyperemesis Gravidarum vs morning sickness at : MY Youtube video Hyperemesis Gravidarum vs morning sickness

If you like more information on HG and help understand this is real , Hyperemesis Gravidarum is real and it can kill a mother and their unborn child , please reach out to me !

Mothers with Hyperemesis Gravidarum want to be validated and believed ! All the symptoms of HG are real , it’s not in their head and no they are not doing this for attention.  HG is serious HG is life threatening, if mothers do not get aggressive medical care they can die due to dehydration and malnourishment!
Don’t cracker an HG mom and become HG Aware!

Please don’t assume you know what Hyperemesis Gravidarum is if you haven’t gone through it . Please stop thinking #HG and #morning sickness are the same thing! Calling HG morning sickness is like if you cut your leg off and say it’s  a paper cut ! Learn that they are two separate medical issues !

#hgbeforeduringandtheaftermath #HGStrong #hgandtheaftermath #ninemonthsofhghell #HGTruth #CrackersAreNotACureForHG

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