Breaking The Silence On HG The subject is so taboo and shouldn’t be. We have witness it ourselves when Hyperemesis Gravidarum Before During And The AfterMath loss week when Starr Andrews Strong HG ACTIVIST posted a photo of one of her HG Sisters babies who are in heaven , mothers lose their babies should be able to share there baby with the world! People got offended , it’s not politically correct .

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a life threatening pregnancy condition that can kill mother and babies due to dehydration and malnourishment in the mother . Many babies due not make it to a live birth . Babies that are stillborn or miscarried still deserve to be shown to the world . This subject should not be taboo or offending ! The post was made in Hyperemesis Gravidarum Loss Week angered more then a few people, Starr said “rude comments will only make me fight that much harder . One of you made a comment that being an activist shouldn’t be in your face , well I hate burst your bubble but you are WRONG !!!!! This is how you make a difference again if you do not like my post why do you follow me ? I suggest you get off my page and do not follow me. As you have actually encourage and motivated me to do so much more so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being offended by my post : babies who passed away are still loved and wanted by their mommy ! Because of your comments you gave me such motivation to not give up and wonderful ideas to take it a step further , so once again thank you ! ”
Starr is one tough HG Survivor that will not give up and fight for the rights of all Hyperemesis Gravidarum mothers and babies even the ones who suffer in silence ! The loss is real in the HG Community and HG Mothers shouldn’t have to be silenced because the subject is taboo and not politically appropriate! I am personally sick of it and will not let another HG Mom suffer in silence #BreakTheSilenceOnHG
#HyperemesisGravidarum mothers lose their babies daily, 1 out of 3 do not make it to a live birth but we know this number is much higher . The loss is real ! Mothers that do not have #HyperemesisGravidarum still lose their babies as well and they are suppose to suffer in silence and be hush hush and to us that is not okay ! Get use to seeing babies born sleeping or miscarriages from loss due to #HyperemesisGravidarum . These babies never got the change and deserve to be celebrated as well if your offended by this post do not open it , do not read it and we ask you to delete yourself if you do not want to be apart of our #HGMovement Hyperemesis Gravidarum is brushed off and not taken seriously and I am breaking the silence!
Babies that do not make it deserve to be celebrated as well so get use to it ! The #HGMovement is coming and no one will stop it or me .
Learn , educate and become #HGaware …..

Sister Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist
#BabiesBornStillBornDeserveToBeShowedToTheWorld #ChangingThisTabooSubject



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