Today’s question of the day is on my ninja hacks on my PICC and Central line. SecurAcath

Part 1:

QUESTION OF THE WEEK Starr , please share your ninja hacks to keep my IV catheter from migrating out. Your the queen of PICC lines and your husband the PICC line Ninja . I have been following you all for 5 years and you do so much , all you do to help women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum ( HG). Families and help with education on IV care .

STARR , You saved my life when I had HG. Your care plan saved us , I was going to have a therapeutic termination. I wasn’t told I had options . I found you and will never forget what you did for me and my family . Your husband was so awesome to help my boyfriend during this . You really both are a dynamic duo, Thank you for saving us . I always wondered how are your able to keep your PICC lines from not migrating out and having an infection ? I am still sick and need one . You have had a PICC line for a very long time , well years . What’s the orange thing on your line ? Do you have one for you new IV in your chest ? How do you do your dressing with having your Mast Cell your allergic disease? How is your new IV line now ? Look forward to your YouTube channel, to follow you . Please share when you can . Do you like your IV in your chest it better then your PICC line ? I am sorry for all the questions, however I know you don’t mind .

– Andrea Jackson

HG mom and CVS warrior Mast Cell Fighter

We love you Starr and Robert 🤩

Thank you Andrea for your question of the day . I get asked this question daily . Ill do my best to answer all of your questions. The orange thing is called a SecurAcath. It was and is my saving grace and I had ZERO Issues when I had one . For someone like me who had major migration issues , this was my saving grace. The first time getting a SecurAcath, I was scared . When things are new and your knowledge on it is zero you can be scared. I am so thankful I have one . My husband is my nurse , my caretaker and does all he does for me I am grateful.

I’ll be more then happy to explain what a SecurAcath is and how it gave me my quality of life back. One of the many reasons I love SecurAcath is you can clean your site at a 360 angle around it . Here is a demo of a dressing change

I had PICC line in my left arm, when I got my first SecurAcath. Here my video link for it and the product for the medical conference .


A PICC stands for (Peripherally inserted central catheter)

What is a PICC line? 

A PICC line is a long, soft, flexible tube that is inserted through a vein in the upper arm. PICC stands for Percutaneously Inserted Central Catheter. You can visit my website to learn more on PICC lines .

All PICC lines are NOT created equal, it’s important to do your homework when it comes to long term IV access . I always have had a certain type of PICC line and I always request for moms that if I write a care plan for to get the line I had .

Helping moms who have had or currently had HG is my passion. To be their voice . I always break it down for the doctors for them to get treatment. Each plan I write takes time , I wish I had a program to make them faster , I don’t so I press on .

What type of line do I recommend? This is from personal experience and of seeing moms with all types of lines .

Power PICC line Solo2

There are so many different types of catheters ( The IV tube) there are open in values, close in values, lines with only a hub and brand types and sizes . They are not all created equal.

“Do your homework on this . Your body , your baby , your life “

If your not pregnant and in the aftermath like me same rules applies.

My top ninja hack for PICC LINES is 1: SecurAcath.

2: My husband who is the PICC line ninja has skills and good at it .

3: One dressing is such a high risk and using a statlock alone is not good enough .

My husband uses 3-4 mediplex borders on me and 9 mepoure film . With other things such as skin prep on my skin and on my dressing .

Once you have had a line with both to compare to not you will never want to go without one again .

I love so many things about my device , However, watch with a SecurAcath how easy a dressing change is, to without . With a SecurAcath watch how it place compared to a statlock . I still used a statlock however I used a PEDS PLUS that in shape of a teddy bear, but not on my skin on top of my dressing . My daughter called my line Teddy so we always put one on. It’s hard she doesn’t understand 100% why mommy has it but this way she gets it .

I did this with my SecurAcath in for extra protection of my line. The picture below was before I had one placed . My dressing changes have always been a huge production. CAll the Calvary and Fox News HA! Due to my Mast Cell Disease. It did take us a bit to find a system that worked . Thanks to my wonderful husband MacGyver who has been my best friend, my rock and my nurse . He has been able to do a dressing change without blistering 🙌👏👏👏

My health is very stressful to him and myself and family . At the end of the day he’s my rock and my soul and cares for me , even if I want to punch him in the face 😂 . It’s Very hard at times , not going to sugar coat it and lie . Marriage is hard , it’s even harder when your chronically ill .

This picture above was before I got my SecurAcath place . Due to MCAS I have to use a specialty dressing of Medpore film and mediplex border, Cavalon skin prep. I also use statlock on top of dressing not on my skin .

I was very blessed one of my best friends got one , I got to hear her journey with one and I wanted to see if I could possibly have one placed . She has mast cell activation disorder an a PICC line just like myself . I am allergic to everything, including the IV line inside of me . Having MCAS/MCAD makes every part of my life or anyone with MCAS a roller coaster daily.

Picture from : Courtesy of Jill Carnahan, MD mast cell expert

I did reach out to the company , I shared my story of how I have had 14 guide wires and going on 15 so many guide wire exchanges on the same arm and the same vein due to my lines coming out . I was terrified in the back of my head of how much more can my vein hold up on my left side. In all honesty, my vein was good to me , praise the lord . My left arm was much better then my right .

I miss my PICC line . Why do I miss it ? For a few different reasons . Well ….. okay a lot of reasons .


1: We had a system and my arm was beautiful no blisters , no infection. This is something that is NOT easy with MCAS. Actually it’s impossible, in my personal opinion.

2: I had a shower cover and taking a shower without my dressing getting wet. Worry free and I knew my line was safe and secure. I could sit in my chair and just let the hot water go until it’s out . Showering triggers my condition as I can’t regulate my body temperature . I had to have my husband wash my hair and have the shortest shower like I went to jail . ** I never been in jail , this is a metaphor**

3: I could troubleshoot each issue with it and knew if I was okay or better pack up and get to the doctor/ ER.

4: My line on my left arm was in the SVC vein where in my research is the best vein for a PICC line in my opinion *.

5: I could care for it easy without being paranoid something was serious wrong and I am going to die. Having long term IV access is something I must have, to have quality of life and to fiction as a wife and mother and continue my volunteer base organization ( Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath .)

5: All my PICC care is handle at home by MacGyver. He my rock , my best friend and my nurse and my health is very stressful to him I am thankful for all he does for me .

Updated: I don’t like clamped lines however, I like my line now .


1: Risk for infection and blood clots are high and you have to weigh the benefit over the risk .

“The hospital could not believe how long I have had a PICC line in without being in the hospital for an infection/ and or a blood clot. Each time I have been in the OR with the IR team that knowns me on a first name bases . Always ask me my tricks of the trade and I have been able to teach them hands on what MCAD does to a patient. They are going to use the skills they learned with me to help others. They are still learning, but at least they are open to listen , however the doctor and his assistant are awesome . They are going to order the products I use for others, with itching and mast cell .’

2: I couldn’t lift much with my arm and my PICC would hurt me at times badly . I have to learn what “my crazy normal” was and my health issues are complex.

3: I need long term IV access my hospital and doctors wanted to do a trial run to see if infusion and IV medications would keep me out of the ER . Kaiser felt it was time to get a tunnel PICC line/CVC in my neck . I have to have IV hydration and medicine daily and can not do orally. I have lost 41 pounds without trying .

4: I do not have a SecurAcath now , however , I will get one Jan 25th for this CVC (Central Venous Catheter). I will be documenting this journey for my YouTube channel.

( Update info 4/14/19 : I had to have my CVC guidewired as the hub got a crack in it was leaking . I have my SecurAcath . I wish this line had a valve like the SOLO2) if I have to guide wire again I will be asking next )

5: Central lines are long term and PICC line are not . Even though the longest I have had one was 18 months and I ask for a new line as the TPN wasn’t helping it was slugish.

I am walking on eggshells until I am able to have one placed . I am a ball of nerves and cannot wait , I am counting the days .


I do my very best to help advocate and educate on HG and the aftermath. IV access is necessary when you are sick . I am in the aftermath.

If you have other questions about my treatment, please let me know . *

-Because I am chronically ill and this will not change it’s important for me to have long term IV access.

The hospital felt a power line in jugular vein was a better long term option for me . I have kept PICC lines in longer then any other patient . I had my lines on my left arm for 9 and a half months with a SecurAcath . The TPN I was on is why it needed replaced .

One of the many exchanges I had . I ask my IR team Interventional radiology (IR) who have been great to help me every-time I went in to have my IV catheter put in , or have to have an exchanges on my PICC LINES , and the current central line known as a tunnel PICC/ tunnel CVC

There is not enough data out there when it comes to repeated guide wire exchanges , at least I could not find .

Before I had my PICC line changed out on the 13th time I asked my IR team. How long can I keep doing this before my vein said ” I am done screw you Starr I’m out ” No Dice 🎲

I was told I could have unlimited guide wire exchanges . I have seen so many HG moms or CVSer get blood clots and infections. I am very OCD when it comes to my lines .

Photo Credit: RS photos : This is my first Securacath . I was on TPN during this time .
** Please note I have gauze because I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and my dressing is changed daily to prevent blisters and bleeding skin . **

I wish all doctors , hospitals, use this product it would cut down the risk of infection with a PICC/ Central line .

My arm during a Mast Cell flare

My team of moms who help me with my organization always say you need to live in a bubble . If you find one on sale , please let me know HA! With Mast cell activation Syndrome, I am allergic to everything . However as long as my Securacath was on top of dressing or gauze I was okay .

Credit :Titanic movie


Many who work in the medical community have never seen or heard of SecurAcath I want to change this. How can they not use it ? It holds your IV line in place . It mind boggles me that doctors ,hospitals nurses have not heard of this device . When they don’t know I always say REALLY? Your just in luck so I can educate you. They roll there eyes then I add to and educate them and they want to walk away .

How can a SecurAcath can help you ?

– Lower your risk of your line having movement migration dislodgment . This is dangerous and can Lead to infections, sepsis, occlusions and thrombosis.

With a SecurAcath your risk goes so low as this device works I am living proof .

The New Standard of Care for Catheter Securement.

SecurAcath provides improved catheter stability which reduces complications and total cost of patient care.

Prevents therapy interruption

May improve vessel health and preservation

Lowers total cost of patient care

 SecurAcath® is the only Subcutaneous Engineered Stabilization Device (ESD) that meets the 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice.

The new Standards state: – Subcutaneous ESDs have been successful in stabilizing PICCs and CVADs
– Patient outcomes and patient and inserter satisfaction have been favorable

The Standards also include a new caution to be aware of the risk of

Adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) associated with the use of adhesive-based ESDs

– SecurAcath eliminates MARSI complications of adhesive-based ESDs

Dramatically Reduced Catheter Dislodgement

SecurAcath clinical data publications show very low catheter

rates of 0–1.5%

Adhesive securement devices have published dislodgement rates of 14–20%

Many accidental dislodgements occur during dressing changes when

is not secured

Decreased catheter replacement costs – PICC replacement cost is approximately $500 at bedside, $1000 in IR, $1200 in pediatrics

> Click to view Short Demo Video

Dramatically Reduced Catheter Dislodgement

• SecurAcath clinical data publications show very low catheter

• rates of 0–1.5%

• Adhesive securement devices have published dislodgement rates of 14–20%

• Many accidental dislodgements occur during dressing changes when it is not secured.

Decreased catheter replacement costs – PICC replacement cost is approximately $500 at bedside, $1000 in IR, $1200 in pediatrics

 Decreased Catheter Movement

Catheter movement at the insertion site can introduce bacteria beneath the skin.

Improved stability may promote healing at insertion site which acts as

natural barrier to infection

May reduce phlebitis, thrombosis and infection

Improved Efficiency

One SecurAcath secures for the life of the line

Catheter remains secure during dressing changes

Saves time during routine dressing changes – Dressing change can be done 3–5 minutes faster

Allows easy catheter repositioning if catheter tip must be pulled back

360 Degree Site Cleaning While Secured

Excellent cleaning access around the entire insertion site

Catheter remains stable and secure during cleaning

Improved stability and cleaning may help reduce infections

No Needle Sticks

Eliminates costly suture needlestick risk

Average cost of a needlestick injury is $825

There are over 92,000 suture needlestick injuries to healthcare in the U.S. each year

OSHA Securing Medical Catheters

Comfortable for Patients

Anchor sits in subcutaneous tissue, below pain receptor nerves

Patients in clinical study reported minimal pain or discomfort* * data on file

“There slogan for the Life of the Line” is 100% true .

Patients Love SecurAcath, I am their number one fan .

I wish I knew about Securacath years ago . Having 15 guide wires for the same vein I could of prevented .

Once you have a SecurAcath you will NEVER want a line without one again.

Starr Andrews Strong

Leading Clinicians Love SecurAcath ask your doctor , nurse , home health company . You can reach out to me at anytime and I’ll get you in touch with the company .

This is one with sutures. The one thing with this one was they stitched my my line in at the insertion site that was so much better then at the wing .

“Letting my skin dry to breathe in a sterile setting “

I have had PICC lines off and on the past 8 years . I have had 16 guide wires ( exchange) on my PICC lines and 1 on my central line .

I had to have it done because my line kept pushing out and stat locks are a freaking joke by them self . Stitches are painful . It’s tricky to find a way to prevent your line from coming out of your arm .

Nothing compares to the SecurAcath by any means .

This has taken our health -care in a whole other level of care and better treatment for safe access to IV access.

– Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist

If you need to have a PICC line or central line for more then a week you must talk to your doctor about having a Securacath put in . I can tell you it the best device out there. I look forward to get mine in my power line central line . ( Updated: I am Rose on the titanic again , 😀 yay .


My first securAcath


FACT 1: Securacath preserves your line to avoid catheter fatigue, to prevent dislodgment.

FACT 2: Catheter movement at the insertion site can introduce bacteria beneath the skin. A Securacath Improves stability and may promote healing at insertion site which acts as natural barrier to infections.

FACT 3: May reduce phlebitis, thrombosis and infection.

FACT 4: Improved efficiency and can safety kept your IV safe for the life of your line .

A SecurAcath was my saving grace . I don’t have one right now in my central line and hoping to get it soon in January. I am actually walking on eggshells praying for my day to come ASAP.

I need to feel secure and only way I do , is when I have one in . “For the life of my line.”

Every dressing change I get anxiety that turns into a full blown panic attack. After getting mine in I was happy and felt empowered . For 8 months it gave me my life back with my PICC line and now my central line .

It gave me the freedom to have my PICC line without worry . Once you have a SecurAcath you never want to go back.

The only reason my line was taken ( NO ISSUES WITH THE LINE) I got sick and pick up a life threatening blood infection that almost killed me , while in the hospital, I picked up this super bug/ That I pick up at the hospital.

I have a very weak immune system and I happen to pick it up when I had to go back for labs at the ER . The one time I did not wear disposable gloves to open a door handle in restroom etc , I get sick .

I had never heard of it until I got it .

Pseudomonas infection

is a nasty blood poisoning infection for someone who is sick like myself can’t fight the infection off and can die .

My IV PICC line was not affected at the time. However , they said it could harm me and cost me my life . My husband made the choice to agree-to pull it as I was catatonic due to the infection , the high fever and my MCAS.

I had to have a midline in for 4 days on the other side of my arm . I do not like midlines at all . It was always so painful to push meds , run hydration I was screaming. Midlines have huge blood reflex and high risk in my personal opinion.

I was happy when the IR team put my line in my neck . They all know me as Bubbles . My nickname because I’m allergic to everything.

When it was safe to put in my central line they put it in . I loved my PICC , I cried when they pulled it I wanted my line and my SecurAcath.

My SecurAcath is my safety blanket .

I was so thankful that the company did everything in their power to help me have better control over my health and worry free during dressing changes .

Reach out to them at :

Interrad Medical

181 Cheshire Lane

Suite 100

Plymouth, MN 55441

Phone: 763-225-6699

Fax: 763-225-6695

Contact form :

Watch this video on how awesome this is :

It may sound cliché but really “ once your SecurAcath you wont go back “

I will never go without a SecurAcath again.

Counting the days until I can get it placed .

The worry free of dressing changes no matter what it always pushed out . The doctor would get at mad at me until I explained why my line kept coming out . I had my last SecurAcath in 9 months , I cannot wait to get it in my power line .

I have been so worried with this line , I need my SecurAcath, as this is stitch to my boob and I don’t have the freedom to clean my line or move it the way I want . With mast cell activation disorder my line , my tubing cannot touch my skin . I get severe blistering , bleeding if any of it touches my skin . With a Securacath I could live without fear . It was my saving grace .

One of the many things I love about the Securacath is its much easier to lay it the way I need safety. Instead of the standard protocol .

The SecurAcath has been the best invention by far with long term IV to keep your IV safe.

I will share my journey when I can get my new one in .

Thank you Amy and Laura. I look forward to getting my new one in for the new year . I am here to be a voice to doctors, nurses, and helping patients advocate. You gave me such a gift ! You gave me my life back , for the time I had my PICC line I was given my life back . Look forward to continuing my journey with my new line and SecurAcath. Thank goodness you came into my life . Your stuck with me lol 😂

Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist

Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath

If you like to have your doctor/ hospital use a SecurAcath , please reach out to them .

Interrad Medical

181 Cheshire Lane

Suite 100

Plymouth, MN 55441

Phone: 1-763-225-6699

Fax: 763-225-6695

Contact form :

** If I have made any typos , I apologize as I just got out of the hospital. To help me share my stories , and educate the public on my blog , website , social media. Please reach out to me if you like to help me with my writing corrections , I was in a coma for 8 months when I was 21 , thank you for your respect on this matter **